Trivia and Art Giveaway September 21st, 2016, 1:00 pm
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hi everyone! still on hiatus... BUT i wanted to let everyone here know about the contest going on at the Robo Hole Tapastic site here:

its a trivia game for Chapters 1-3 and heres the rules if anyone wants to play!:

theres 7 questions. each one worth 1-3 points. whoever gets the most points first by the time the game is over wins!

PRIVATE message me your answers on here for the questions.
the game will go until Oct 1

for the winner i'll draw a picture of you, your fav characters, your own characters or whatever you want! (as long as it isnt anything super naked) also i'll give a shout out to your comic if you have one C:
i hope you play!

P.S. (you dont actually gotta guess Parsnips mothers bra size. that question wasnt for us)

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